Playing the classic game of Pong using microphone input and live video tracking

Input from the computer’s audio system is routed through the UDP object in Max/MSP through a Java gateway on to a Flash file:


Same as above, but with live camera tracking added from built-in webcam routed through Jitter:


The modification was based on the original idea below, which uses a stereo signal and pitch tracking:

Thanks to

Here’s everything you should need to get it running on your OSX system:

Flash pong files and tutorials
Flash Open Sound Control (Flosc)
Setting up a java gateway
My Pong Patches used for the above examples

More info in the comments

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  • Sujhon

    The one that track colors..where is download link? how do u open it in Mac

    • Jaems

      If you click on My Pong Patches used for the above examples above (right at the end of the post, there is a list of links), you will download two patches. The first one called NewPongControlClean is the one that tracks video. You will need Max/MSP to open it and read the help patcher. You can follow the instructions in the link above titled Flash files and tutorial. The only thing they don’t really describe very well is setting up the java gateway, but you can find that as well in, you guessed it, the link above titled Flash Open Sound Control (Flosc). For a good tutorial and walkthrough of the Java gateway you can go here:

      You would then use the following line:
      java Gateway 7000 3000

      Where the tutorial specifies setting up the port numbers.

  • Alberto

    HI James cool idea!!!! I wanted to try hook up my eeg sensors to control it with brain concentration, do you think I can just send the OSC from max and control it with that instead of audio? I mean does Flash receives OSC messages? Before I go through the hassle of trying, I thought it was easier to ask :). Thanx