Mac OSX Freeware

TapNTempo – New!
A fully customizable metronome for musicians

Tilt2Joystick 1.1
Play games and handle documents or other tasks by tipping your laptop in different directions

TapNTune 1.3
A Freeware combination Metronome and Tuner for Macintosh (formerly iTap)
Access a Metronome and Tuner from the same window

YTPooper Beta
A real-time video mangler for the creation of YouTube Poops

Max/MSP Patches and Standalones

Note: These patches require Max/MSP 5 for Macintosh unless otherwise specified. Most of them will work for Windows as well, but perhaps with minor differences. If you don’t own Max/MSP, you can download the Runtime version for free here. This will let you run all these patches, plus many others.  Just select the correct version for your operating system.

General Midi Picker: select General Midi Instruments in Max
Tab Fader for Max 5: use Web 2.0 colored style tabs in your patches
Interface Fader for Max 5: fade interface objects in and out like the pros do
Golden Mean Finder: lets you see the Golden Mean of any sound file graphically
Delay Sound Player: add delay to start of sound file playback
Key Display: Displays real name of pressed keys
Quarter Tempo: tempo object in quarter notes
Huge Battery Status
8 Channel speaker test
Window size utility
CPU indicator for 4.x or 5.x
MouseMusic: drawing synth using comb filters
MouseMusic2: audio mangler for live and recorded sound (standalone)

Facebook Apps

Air-Cooled Volkswagen Gift application for Facebook
Early Woodwind Instrument Gift application for Facebook